Personnel ID, Safety & Information Management

When your business needs a personnel ID, safety & information management system, anything less than 100% reliability isn’t good enough. Patient safety starts with a reliable and easy-to-use identification system supported by rigorous information management software, that’s why companies choose PrintDATA.

We view patient identification as a process of tracking the location of the patient, identifying where they should be and who is responsible for them. This is a process that should always start in admissions and allows each subsequent staff member to add a link in the chain of responsibility. Our job is to provide you with a solution that not only makes this all possible, but makes it easy to do.

At PrintDATA, we accomplish this by first getting an understanding of your business, the unique challenges you face and the kind of solution that will be suitable. This allows us to build a flexible and customised solution for you. This will usually be a mixture of hardware and software that will enable your staff and your facility to accurately track patients and manage their information securely.

We offer a wide range of hardware specifically designed for the healthcare sector. These machines and accessories have been built with the safety of your patients and staff in mind. Antimicrobial-coated wristbands for identification pair with portable hand scanners for easy check-ups and transfer of patients.

All of this runs from software that is purpose built for easy patient identification and secure storage of their information. Access to this information is made easy for authorised staff, so they can quickly get what they need to provide the right care for the patient.

We also offer hardware and software to better manage and protect patients. Depending on your facility, we can provide infant protection and elopement management as required.

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