TSC Label Printers – Trusting the Brand

TSC Label Printers – Trusting the Brand

More than 30 years ago, the CEO of Taiwan Semiconductor Company recognised the need for a reliable but low-cost barcode label printer and launched TSC into the label printing industry. TSC began designing and manufacturing barcode label printers in its company-owned manufacturing facility in Taiwan. Three decades later, TSC Auto ID has become a leading manufacturer and has sold more than seven million printers worldwide.


TSC started by designing and manufacturing label printers for other brands only, including Eltron (now Zebra). They still manufacture printers for companies like Brother and Wedderburn.

In 2007 they spun off as a separate company to the Taiwan Semiconductor Company, but their close relationship allows them to massively reduce their costs of electronic parts and production, meaning they can offer the same technology as leading brands but at cheaper prices.

Today, TSC Printronix Auto ID is a trusted source for barcode label printing solutions with one of the largest hardware product offerings in the industry. Customers choose TSC Printronix Auto ID for reliable, high-performance products, incredible value, and local support.

The company is comprised of two industry-leading brands, TSC and Printronix Auto ID.

TSC offers budget-friendly desktop printers to high-performance industrial solutions including rugged mobile printers. Printronix offers premium, enterprise-level applications with a selection of high-end features including RFID encoding and integrated barcode verification.

Together, these two brands have over 65 years of combined industry experience, strong local sales engineering support, and a history of continuous investment in new product development. TSC Printronix Auto ID is capable of quickly adapting solutions to meet the needs of customers, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Peace of Mind: Printer Warranties

TSC has been offering a 2-year warranty on their entire range of printers for over 25 years. Their warranty period is double that of other leading printer brands, which sets the bar for the industry and illustrates their confidence that their printers are high quality, rugged and built to last.

TSC also ensures they are using the fastest and most optimum printheads on the market in their printers. They make sure the printheads include the best film coating to ensure performance and longevity. The warranty for TSC printheads covers 12 months or 1 million inches, whichever comes first. Performance can extend beyond this number depending on the type of application.

“Resellers tell us that our printhead performance and longevity is second to none,” said David Lundeen, VP of Marketing at TSC Printronix Auto ID. “We believe our 2-year printer warranty is very important and we are excited to offer this assurance to our customers. We have a long history of creating durable products that last, and our printer warranty is an example of our confidence in the quality of our printers.”

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