The Fastest Label Printer in Australia

The Fastest Label Printer in Australia

The demand on label printers continually gets higher and higher as they are expected to keep up with the ever increasing speeds of production lines and warehouse dispatch. While print speeds have been getting faster in the last few years, label printers do tend to become redundant and replaced after a few years due to not being able to keep pace.

The solution is to invest in a powerful printer with the highest print speeds and latest technology, that can keep up for years to come. Today, that printer is the TSC MX Series.

Printer Overview

The MX Series industrial thermal printers are ruggedly built for high volume, high quality label printing. Featuring one of the fastest print speeds in its class, the MX Series boosts productivity with quicker processing power, communications, and printing speeds. It is ideal for applications that include manufacturing, logistics, shipping, and product identification.

The entire printer is built to last. The metal enclosure is rugged and will last many years even in tough environments.


The print speed is the best part. 18 inches per second has not been seen on any label printer before. It is important because it reduces the amount of time wasted while waiting for the labels to print, especially useful if you are printing large quantities of labels at a time. The processing power means it is able to handle a large amount of data on the label, and can quickly process barcode information, serialisation, and other data commands. The improvement in communication means the label data can be quickly sent from the PC to the printer without lengthy delays. Plus, all modern interfaces such as Ethernet, GPIO, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are supported.


Not only are the internals of the printer technologically advanced, but the user interface also features the latest technology. A giant 4.5-inch colour touchscreen makes it easy to navigate the printer menus, and 6 control buttons can also be used for gloved hands.

The TSC MX Series also comes with all the accessories you’ll need. The internal spindle will automatically rewind the labels back onto a core once printed. This is great for batch printing. Minimising long spools of labels keeps the print area tidy and safe. Optional add-ons like a cutter and automatic peel and present are also available.

Return On Investment

When you replace your label printer, it is important to consider quality over cost. Buying a cheaper printer will usually mean replacing parts or even the whole printer within a few years. Purchasing the best printer available will come at a higher cost but will offer a return on investment when it lasts many years, keeping up with modern print speeds, interfaces, and accessories.

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