The Best Mid-Range Industrial Label Printers of 2023

The Best Mid-Range Industrial Label Printers of 2023

Industrial label printers offer very high print speed and are suitable for printing a large number of labels continuously. Compared to their desktop counterparts, they are much larger and more robust. Though they are made with industrial environments in mind, these printers are extremely versatile and have proven useful in a diverse array of applications. This type of label printer is used in factories, distribution centres, manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

Each brand usually offers three tiers of industrial printers: low-, mid- and high-range models. We work with a variety of makes and models from multiple manufacturers, which means we have a solid knowledge of how a variety of printers perform in comparison to one another and in different environments.

Let’s take an in-depth look at mid-range industrial label printers from three different brands so you have an idea of which one might be best for you.

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Zebra ZT411

The ZT411 is already a few years old – having been released in 2019 – but it is still a huge favourite world-wide. The previous ZT410 was already one of the best mid-range label printers, but with the upgrade to the new touchscreen, minor tweaks to the interior and small improvements to communication ports and options, the ZT411 is suitable for almost any application.

It features a print speed of up to 14 inches per second at 203 dpi, which is fast enough for many situations. It also features the new “printhead element out detection” so you are warned when a printhead element fails. Zebra offers printers with different DPI, however the printheads are not interchangeable, meaning if you want to switch you would have to buy a whole new printer.

They are priced at around $2,000+GST, and every version comes with Bluetooth and both thermal transfer and thermal direct capabilities. All Zebra printers come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.


These thermal label printers feature premium printhead technology, fast processor, and memory capacity to print high quality labels at the fastest speeds. The MH series brings new features to those looking for solutions for evolving business challenges from growing production line demands to increasing operational complexities.

The MH241T has a print speed of up to 14 inches per second, and also features a colour touchscreen, this one a huge 4.3-inch. It comes with the ability to swap printhead to a higher dpi, and also features a 600m ribbon capacity meaning less ribbon changes, over against the ZT411 which allows for up to 450m. Click here for a comparison between the MH241 and Zebra’s equivalent, the ZT510.

All versions of the MH241T have thermal transfer as well as thermal direct built-in and start at around $1,700+GST. TSC printers come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Honeywell PM45

Replacing the long-serving Datamax I-Class printer, Honeywell announced the PM45 as the latest addition to their mid-range line of printers.  The PM45 is designed to give businesses the flexibility and precision for high-volume printing.

As a highly connected industrial printer, the PM45 is packed with all sorts of connectivity options to enable ease of deployment. Honeywell has really made the effort to ensure the PM45 will fit well as a replacement to any previous model, or easily communicate with existing systems as a new standalone model.

The PM45 comes with a full touch display and is very easy to use. The 203dpi version can print at up to 14 inches per second. It starts at around $1,950+GST and comes with a one-year factory warranty.

So, which is best?

Whether you’re looking to print shipping labels from dusk until dawn, or you need a mission-critical printer that will not fail, there is a mid-range label printer model to meet your needs. If you need something that is affordable and yet comes with all the features you will need, the TSC MH241T is perfect for you. If you are after a trusted and popular printing brand with a great UI and standard printing features, then Zebra is the best choice. If your budget allows for something that is sleek and packed with connectivity features, you should lean towards the Honeywell PM45.

As a leading supplier of Zebra, Honeywell and TSC in Perth, PrintDATA is able to match your required solution with labels & ribbon for your specific application. Our goal is to help you match your labelling needs with the right printer. If this review helped you narrow down your printer options, let us know which one you are after so we can find you the best price for your business.

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