How to Manage your Healthcare Cart Fleet

How to Manage your Healthcare Cart Fleet

It can be difficult for hospital IT teams to manage a fleet of point-of-care workstations spread out across their facilities’ campuses. Many hospitals even have to manage carts at remote locations where there is no tech support onsite. Meeting those challenges required the evolution of remote fleet management software. This software provides real-time data on cart location, battery life, availability, and user data. It helps the IT department make smart decisions and be proactive. Without this fleet management software providing real-time data, IT may be forced to buy more carts, which adds further cost, more devices to manage, and out-of-service cart frustrations.

What is needed

Experts in healthcare equipment are urging carts to move toward connectivity rather than just serving as mechanical equipment. For Capsa Healthcare, this translates to remote user management.
“Administrators want better security and better control over who is accessing the carts,” says Joe Grabowski, Channel Sales Manager, Capsa Healthcare. “Clinicians want them to be easy to use. They want to get in, get what they need and get out. Upgrading to carts with remote user management can provide both. There are a variety of locking systems but the most common is a keypad with one code that everyone knows. This makes access easy but not very secure.
“IT needs security that is easy to manage, including remote management.” Grabowski continued. “Remote user management allows administrators to add and remove users remotely from a web browser. The new user will have access wherever needed across the hospital instantly without the need to manually update carts. Deleting old users is just as easy, minimizing the security risks of theft and diversion from keys, old codes or badges around a facility.”

The Solution

N-Sight™ Fleet Management Software is a cloud-based system that enables Hospital IT to remotely manage and monitor Capsa point-of-care carts used by clinicians.
The Capsa Trio workstation includes N-Sight software with analytics to support optimised fleet utilisation and simple user management tools. When developing the software, Capsa considered the clinical user and made it simple to use with thoughtful tools to facilitate workflow and patient care. The N-Sight platform also features updated software architecture to make it easy to manage, maintain, and update your fleet remotely.
In summary, N-Sight™ facilitates improved asset utilisation, maximises fleet performance and value, and helps identify and prevent issues before they impact clinicians.


N-Sight saves IT time with managing their cart fleet and the administration of their users. An intuitive dashboard illustrates current battery levels and summarizes fleet performance. The platform provides the ability to remotely locate lost carts, update cart users, their user IDs, PIN codes, and security settings.


N-Sight facilitates asset utilisation by optimising fleet deployment and maximising the uptime and availability of carts. It is possible to evaluate usage patterns to determine if the number of carts in a unit or facility meets current clinical demands. Maintain cart availability while proactively monitoring cart fleet power levels and performance throughout the facility or network of facilities. Re-deploy underutilized carts, extend runtimes by adjusting technology settings and monitor cart charging activity for potential training opportunities.


To facilitate communication between clinicians, IT, and other hospital departments, N-Sight offers integration with hospital systems that can accept email/SMTP input. Service requests can be emailed to a specified address, and email alerts can be configured to notify the service team when carts have issues.

Trolleys have the potential to be more than just mechanical equipment. Built-in connectivity allows for monitoring, accountability, and greater availability. Get in touch with us to request a quote or learn more.

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