How Is PrintDATA Different?

How Is PrintDATA Different?

When you buy any piece of equipment, the chances that it will be a worthwhile financial investment are uncertain. You could face breakdowns or need repairs that add significantly to the ongoing running costs. Consumables and parts might be hard to find or have long lead times.

PrintDATA aims to overcome these issues with our aftermarket services. We want to get rid of all uncertainty, whether related to budget, supply, or service and support.


With a SafeGuard contract, customers have access to our service experts, and traditional phone support, and can rest assured that, where necessary, engineers will be available to rectify an issue and get them back up and running at full capacity. They also have access to remote services such as the Domino Cloud which provide a greater level of detail to service and support staff without necessitating a site visit, help to increase first-time fix rate, and dramatically decrease case resolution time.

SafeGuard is a fixed term, fixed price service agreement, covering any additional support a customer might need – ranging from labour to spare parts – and can be offered for any amount of time from the point of sale. We always recognise that we’re not just supporting production line printers, we’re supporting customers, so in addition to the standard services, we also offer expert advice to help customers improve their production performance.

Domino Cloud is an optional add-on to our SafeGuard agreements. It links to a dashboard, which allows production line printer performance information to be viewed from anywhere in the world, via mobile phone, tablet, or computer. The dashboard is accessible by customers and printDATA service support staff and provides an overview of how a production line is running in real-time. Domino Cloud is also able to provide event alerts, in case of a change in production throughput, for example, to notify customers where action may be required.

Local supply

Being a local WA company takes away the hassle of having to reorder consumables and gives our customers the certainty that they will receive their industrial printer inks, thermal transfer ribbons, thermal labels, filters, and other consumables, as and when they need them, so they’re not going to run out and suffer a potential line stoppage. From a customer perspective, these services provide peace of mind, because they know that they have our expert support, whether in terms of service or supply, at hand when they need it.

Preventive Maintenance

COVID-19 has accelerated a shift in the global manufacturing mindset, and printDATA has developed our aftermarket services with these demands in mind. We are seeing a move away from traditional ‘break and fix’ approaches to preventive maintenance solutions, which emphasise optimising the overall performance of a production line.

It’s not hard to see the reason why – downtime is frustrating at the best of times, but at times of unpredictable and unprecedented demand, machine failure can be disastrous. Solutions that optimise the overall performance of a production line, and focus on preventing issues before they become downtime, reduce the risks of machine failure helping to keep lines running no matter what.

This change in mindset requires the provision of more information on the overall health of manufacturing systems. Is the line producing the optimal number of units? Is the equipment indicating trends that are indicative of a possible higher failure rate? Any sudden change in production performance – or indeed gradual degradation – may indicate that something on the line is not performing as it should.

Domino Cloud enables our customers to move in the direction of predictive maintenance. It provides our customers and service engineers with an overview of how production lines are performing, helping to identify changes in output that may require preventative action.

At printDATA, we don’t just provide high-quality production line printers and industrial printer inks. We are committed to helping our customers keep their production lines running at optimal capacity no matter what. That is why we go the extra mile, with aftermarket services and solutions that provide the business insight needed to improve performance and profits.

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