Accessorise Your Label Printer

Accessorise Your Label Printer

When buying a new iPhone online, at countless times during the buying journey you are encouraged to add on an accessory here and choose an extra there. It allows you to take a generic product and adapt it to suit your usage and style.

Printers are very similar. Not every business is the same, so ensuring that your equipment works for you is an important part of selecting the right equipment. Upgrade your label printer to do things it could not do before, or simply enhance its functionality. A huge range of accessories and extras are available, and most of them are common across different brands and models.

Here are four examples of items to consider adding on to your printer:

1. Peel & Present Kit

“Peel and Present” is where the printer outputs one label in a batch and then pauses printing until that label has been taken or torn off. The next label in the batch is then printed. Peel and Present is also known as the “Label Dispenser” or “Self-Strip” function. The complete version of this function requires a printer equipped with a Label-taken Sensor and a Rewinder, with both enabled and active.

Generally, this function has the printer wind up the used liner automatically after each label is peeled off. Once the first label in a batch has been printed and fed out, the second label waits to print until the first label has been taken.

This function is ideal for when the printer is positioned close to where the label will be applied, and when large quantities are printed at once. It saves the operator having to manually peel the label off the liner and reduces the need to frequently dispose of the used label liner.

2. Cutter unit

A cutter is situated on the front of the printer so that the labels feed through immediately after they are printed. It uses a guillotine or scissor action to cut the labels when needed.

This enables labels to be cut directly after being printed, so each label is an individual sheet rather than a long string of printed labels. This allows for easy distribution of labels.

It is also used for when the printed labels need to be different lengths. Instead of ordering pre-sized labels, one continuous label is used, and cut to size as required after printing.

3. Label Rewinder

A label rewinder is used to wind printed labels back onto a cardboard core.

A label rewinder can either be external or internal. An external rewinder is separate to the printer and turns constantly at a set speed. An internal rewinder is situated inside the printer and is synced to the speed that the printer is running. Internal rewinders are ideal if space is limited but can usually fit less labels on the finished roll than an external rewinder.

These are ideal for printing large batches of the same label and allow for easy transportation and handling for the next process after the labels are printed.

4. Wi-Fi module

Need to connect your printer to a wireless network? Most printers don’t come with this capability out of the box, but sometimes it is possible to add a module later which allows for Wi-Fi connectivity. Usually, this module will contain a basic aerial and will slide into existing slot on the back of the printer. Similar accessories are available for adding the capability for a Bluetooth connection.

Need support?

Finding the right supporting infrastructure, accessories and associated parts for your printer isn’t always straightforward. It depends on the nuances of your production line, the print technology you are working with and the labels you are using. If you would like support, we can help. We have the specialist knowledge to make sure your supporting infrastructure is appropriate for your printer, your production facilities and, ultimately, your profits. Contact us for more advice

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