5 Keys to a Good Coding System

5 Keys to a Good Coding System

Clean and clear codes

The printed text should be easily readable, especially if it is customer-facing. Supermarkets have become increasingly strict on what they accept and they’re not the only ones. It’s no wonder, with many printers being able to print heights upwards of 24 drops at faster speeds there really is no excuse for poor quality print.

Clean operation

Ink spills are messy, inconvenient, expensive and a waste of time. It’s 2021, it shouldn’t be happening anymore. Printer cabinets are now rated IP55+ and cartridge seals are much more reliable. Modern printers should be fitted with automatic shut-off technology in the very low chance a spill occurs.

Service-free operation

Imagine not having to call out a technician for your printer for up to five years after purchase! Well, the technology is here, and key figureheads in the production industry are loving it. Less downtime, fewer service fees and less hassle. Filters and other short-life parts are easily replaced by the operator in less than 15 minutes. Why pay hundreds of dollars every year for someone to come and do it for you?

Maximised productivity

Do you still have an inkjet that needs the operator to thoroughly clean and flush out the printer every time it is turned off? Those days are over, thanks to the new SureStart technology by Domino. It is now all done automatically by the printer, so when you’re finished your shift simply press shut down and walk away. The printer will stop printing, flush with cleaning fluid and shut down if you choose, ready to start up again just as easily. Domino printers also come with an ink reservoir, so production can continue after the canisters are empty, and even while changing empty ink canisters.

Easily configurable

Touchscreens are the new norm in phones and even laptops. And now your printer can join in the new age. Large interfaces that are easy to use and navigate should be a given in all printers sold today. Operators can now find and edit messages easily, and all the stats and information they need is available at a glance.

Is OEE Overrated?

Is OEE Overrated?

Is OEE Overrated?

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