3 Solutions for Outer Case Printing and Coding

3 Solutions for Outer Case Printing and Coding

When it comes to adding variable information such as batch numbers and barcodes to outer casing’s, some manufacturers have been using the same methods for years. Unfortunately, those methods are outdated and often inefficient in terms of financial cost. We live in a manufacturing world where the pace is ever quickening, and regulations are ever-tightening. Speed of application, traceability and accuracy of coding has become a business imperative. Companies unwilling to automate or adapt their current processes are missing an opportunity to increase efficiencies and eliminate waste from their operations.

Coding accuracy. More speed. Smarter technology investment. There’s a strong business case for bringing automation to your coding operations. There are a number of technologies that can help you. Let’s take a brief look at the benefits of three different printing and coding technologies.


Print and Apply

Designed specifically for secondary and tertiary packaging purposes, print and apply automated labelling systems provide clear codes on appropriately placed labels. The label is printed with data such as alphanumeric text, barcodes, serialisation, 2D or 3D codes, QR codes, personalisation, graphics and more, then automatically placed onto the outer carton. You can designate exactly where you want your label to be placed to bring seamless uniformity to label placement.  As the label background is white, you don’t need to worry about the colour of your outer case. The label content is always high contrast and easy to read – by human or machine.

Thermal inkjet printing

Thermal Inkjet printers are non-contact ink coding machines that can achieve high-resolution printing, at very fast speeds. TIJ printers can print lasting, rub and scratch resistant codes, logos and graphics on paper, card, plastic, metal and many other materials. Rapid dry times and good adhesion deliver optimum performance on fast-paced production lines.

Thermal inkjet printing solutions are versatile, easy to integrate, easy to operate – the perfect fit on many printing applications and substrates. With the latest networking technology and producing graphic code quality, TIJ printers are ideal not only for batch and date coding but also for complex code formats, check weighing and track & trace applications across FMCG industries.

Drop on Demand printing

Drop on Demand (DOD) piezo inkjet (PIJ) printers feature a high-resolution printhead that delivers consistent high-contrast traceability and product batch information onto secondary packaging boxes and cases. Ideal for large print heights, it provides high-quality printing at a low cost.

The printer has a large-volume ink supply and high print accuracy, which means less intervention. To optimise running costs the ink is delivered in smaller, higher-contrast ink drops. The print resolution is optimised to ensure the best possible code quality at the lowest ink usage for large character printing.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a batch coding system will vary greatly depending on an individual factory set-up, the type of technology required, the number of machines, and the number of products that need coding. Ultimately there is a balance to be struck between the number of codes needed, the initial set up cost, and the cost of running a machine over time. There are a variety of specific products in each product range, meaning more chance of finding one to suit your budget.

Ask the experts

PrintDATA provides a large range of batch coding machines for a variety of uses and sectors.

If you are looking for a carton coding machine, we have a solution for you. With options available for print and apply, TIJ, and DOD, you are sure to find your ideal solution within our range. All of our printers are available with coding automation software, allowing you to integrate your coding machine into existing systems, and fully automate the batch coding process.

Please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements with one of our experts, who will guide you through the selection process, to ensure that you find the perfect solution to your batch coding requirements.

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