Coding Innovations in the Brewing Industry

The beverage sector is constantly in search of higher line speeds, increased outputs, lower costs of ownership, and higher equipment efficiencies – all in the pursuit of increased market share [...]

The NEW Barcode That Does Everything

We are living in the era where brands are increasingly expected to provide product information in an easy and accessible way – be this to consumers looking to find out more about a specific [...]

Thermal Label Printers – Common Faults

Modern Thermal Printer technology is more reliable and easier to use than ever. It doesn’t mean, however that you won’t find yourself having to deal with the occasional glitch or breakdown. [...]

Datamax Printer Migration Guide

The names Datamax and Intermec will soon disappear from the label printer market. Over the last few years, they have migrated to the Honeywell platform. Honeywell has now formally announced the [...]

How to choose telehealth equipment

The Australian Government is investing $106 million over 4 years to support permanent telehealth services. This will allow GPs, specialists, and allied health professionals to continue consulting [...]

Video conferencing: Improve your Connection

The quality of a video call can truly make or break a meeting. Poor video quality is not only frustrating, but it can limit productivity and keep you from reaching your goals. experiencing [...]

Video conferencing: Common challenges

Being able to speak with anyone around the world through a virtual meeting is incredible. But frequent problems with video conferencing can be a pain. “Sorry, we’ll get started soon – we’re just [...]

Reliable Supply Chain: Robust and Agile

In late January The West Australian published an article titled, “Supermarket shortages: Empty shelves as supply chain woes and panic buying hit shoppers”. Inland floods damaged rail [...]

Perfect Printing on Parts

The need for marking parts is found across many industries including automotive parts, construction materials, electronic components, and extrusion applications. Parts are directly marked in the [...]

The Future of Telehealth

The popularity of virtual care was growing before the COVID-19 pandemic. But now there’s no going back. In a recent study by McKinsey & Co, 76 per cent of survey respondents indicated they [...]

How Is PrintDATA Different?

When you buy any piece of equipment, the chances that it will be a worthwhile financial investment are uncertain. You could face breakdowns or need repairs that add significantly to the ongoing [...]

Printing onto Landyards and Ribbons

Have you ever considered printing onto show ribbons or lanyards?  How is this done? There are several ways of printing onto show ribbons or lanyards.  The most traditional way is to print with a [...]

The Five Whys: Finding the Root of the Problem

Unpredicted problems may occur in any team or process. However, problems are just symptoms of deeper issues. Fixing a problem quickly may be a convenient solution, however, it doesn’t protect [...]

Are you a Vision Driven Leader?

I recently read, (okay I listened to) an audiobook by Michael Hyatt.  This book is titled The Vision Driven Leader.  In his book, Michael emphasizes the following points: You know you need to [...]

An Agile Hospital? Really?

In my day-to-day work, I visit many different business and healthcare facilities.  Whenever I meet with people I always ask them if they are using an Agile methodology.  I am amazed at the [...]

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