Zebra MC3200 Mobile Computer; Gun Style with 1D Scan, 48 Key and Android 4.1


The MC3200, provides you with the systems to efficiently and accurately manager your inventory. Working in real time to provide you an insight to what you have in stock to allow accurate collection.

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Product Description

Customer satisfaction and the success of your business are tightly tied to how efficiently and accurately you can manage your inventory. You need to know what you have on hand at all times to prevent costly out-of stocks, while your workers need to rapidly and accurately pick orders to ensure that customers receive the right items, on time. With the MC3200, you will. Now with more options, this cost-effective, lightweight and rugged mobile computer provides the tools your workers need to complete inventory-related tasks in seconds, from the store sales floor to the loading dock. Every day, workers use one of three ergonomic models in the MC3000 Series to bring all day comfort to any job, from voice-picking to the most scan-intensive tasks.

Zebra MC32N0-GL4HAHEIA Android Jelly Bean PDT with the following features:
* WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n
* Bluetooth
* Full Audio
* Gun Style
* 1D SE96x Standard Range Scan Engine
* Color-touch display
* 48 Key
* High Capacity Battery
* Android Jelly Bean
* English
* Interactive Sensing Technology

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