Scribing Laser Printers

Scribing Laser Printers or otherwise known as Laser Coding & Marking Systems, use laser to etch or vaporise the surface layer of a material leaving an indelible permanent mark onto any surface; plastic, glass, paper and cartons. As there are no inks or fluids used, laser systems are environmentally friendly and a very cost-efficient system.

Domino has pioneered the use of sealed CO2 laser coding and marking systems and today is one of the largest international producers of this technology. Through research and product innovation, Domino has created laser coders that continually set the industry standard. The latest development are the state of the art D-Series i-Tech scribing lasers that can code human readable texts, graphics, variable and serialised data as well as 2D codes onto a variety of substrates including cartons, glass, paper. D-Series also offers special wavelengths for certain plastics such as e.g. PET or PP.

We use our intelligent Technology for the revolutionary modular design of the D-Series  i-Tech, including our patented RapidScan  technology.

Key Benefits

  • Superior letter-quality print
  • High reliability due to few moving parts and proven CO2 laser system technology
  • Consistent quality on stationary and high-speed lines
  • Print in any orientation
  • Unlimited graphical capabilities
  • Minimal maintenance, making laser coding environmentally friendly

How It Works

Laser marking is achieved by using a laser system to etch or vaporise the surface layer of the material leaving an indelible permanent mark. 

Domino’s scribing lasers, such as the new D-Series i-TECH use a continuous laser beam guided by mirrors that are controlled by galvanometer assemblies. The galvanometer technology enables laser coding and marking onto static or moving products from low to high speeds.