Label Printer Applicator

Label Printer Applicators, sometimes refered to as Print and Apply Labelling Printers or Machines are designed to meet the needs of manufacturers, delivering accurate information and label placement. A Print and Apply Labelling machine automatically prints and applies labels to products as they move along a production line or within a warehouse or logistics facility.  These machines ensure traceability compliance to standard specifications such as GS1.

The Label Printer Applicator (LPA) or Print and Apply Labelling Machines consist of 3 main elements; a Printer, Applicator and Controller. The Printer includes a print engine and label or media handling system. Label Printer Applicator machines deliver accurate information and label placement without compromising production line speeds ensuring maximum productivity, flexibility and profitability.

Key Benefits

  • Primary, secondary and pallet coding solutions
  • Fully modular to meet varying pallet labelling requirements
  • High resolution printing ensures supply chain compliance
  • Seamless integration into production lines
  • Simple label selection ensures operator independence
  • Real time printing of variable and fixed product data
  • Prints barcodes and images

How It Works

The Label Printer Applicator (LPA) will print an image onto a predetermined label size.  This can be printed with either thermal direct or thermal transfer technology.  The image that is printed onto the label is designed to site requirements and often includes current date and time along with barcodes and product images.

As a carton or pallet comes along a production line the LPA uses sensing technology to see the carton which is timed to place the printed label into the desired place on the product.

Domino Label Printer Applicators can be configured in many different ways ensuring you can place your label exactly where required on your product.  Domino LPA’s also have the ability to print multiple labels such as to the front and side of a carton as the product continues to move along the conveyor.

With so much versatility the Domino M-Series range of Label Printer Applicators will be able to work for all your labelling requirments.