Continuous Inkjet Printers

Continuous inkjet printers (CIJ) or small character continuous inkjet printers are non-contact printers used to print on almost any substrate.   Being simple to install and extremely versatile, continuous inkjet printers are used for high speed coding and marking of variable sized products.

Continuous inkjet or sometimes called Continuous Ink Jet Coding or Small Character Ink Jet Printers are used commercially for marking and coding products and packages to ensure traceability of goods through to the customer.  CIJ printers are typically used for printing best before dates, batch codes and other variable texts onto a large range of materials in a wide variety of industrial applications.  Continuous Ink Jet is the most widely used printing technology for printing onto products and is used across a wide range of industries, from food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cables and wires, and automotive parts.

Domino’s A-Series range of coninuous inkjet coders are recognized internationally as the standard that all others are tested against due to high reliability and ease of use.  A unique feature of the Domino CIJ printer is the ability of the print head to autoflush and seal the nozzle ensuring the machine cleaning after use is automated providing long term reliability.  The Domino A-Series i-Tech system is at the technological forefront of efficiency providing overall effectiveness of the continuous inkjet printer by reducing consumable usage.

Key Benefits

  • Industry leader in Continuous Inkjet technology
  • High speed printing
  • Non contact printing
  • Automatic self cleaning print head
  • Easy to read text, graphics and variable data for production identification
  • Substrates include food, glass, plastic, metal and rubber

How It Works

Each character printed with a continuous inkjet printer is made up of a dot matrix of lines, or strokes of ink drops.  The ink drops are seperated by electronic deflection while spacing is determined by the movement of the print surface under the printhead.

The Domino A-Series print head has the ink supplied under pressure to a drop generator which emerges from a nozzle in a fine jet.  The drop generator also contains a drive rod which creates ultrasonic pressure waves in the ink which breaks up the stream into seperate drops just after leaving the nozzle.  This continuous stream of ink is why these printers are called continuous inkjet printers. (CIJ)

The individial drops that leave the drop generator are given an electrostatic charge by putting voltage into the charge elcectrode.  The size of the charge on the ink drop will determine the position of the drop on the final product.

The charged drops of the CIJ printer pass through the electrostatic field setup by two high voltage deflector plates.  The drops are deflected dependant on the amount of charge on the drop.  This drop is what ends up on your final product.  The printed message is made up of a series of these drops.  The continuous inkjet printer continues to circulate the ink forming millions of drops per minute.

Any ink drops that are not required for printing are not given a charge and are collected in the gutter.  This gutter returns the ink back to its reservoir completing the continuous inkjet circuit.