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What is a Thermal Label Printer

A Thermal Label Printer (TLP) uses heat, instead of ink, to print. There are different types of TLPs, Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer.

Direct Thermal

Direct Thermal printers apply heat directly to chemically treated material that blackens under the direct heat. As a result, Direct Thermal printers don’t use ink, toner or ribbons. The only ongoing expense is the chemically treated material. There are some drawbacks to Direct Thermal printers, namely that they can only print in black & white and that their printed material is sensitive to excess light and heat. They perform extremely well in short term applications such as shipping labels or receipts.

Thermal Transfer

Thermal Transfer printers use heat to melt and apply wax or resin-based ribbons. This is melted onto the labels surface, providing a long-lasting and durable image. The ribbon used by Thermal Transfer printers need to be replaced frequently to ensure that they continue to print at a high quality. Different grades and colours of ribbons provide many variations for label printing ensuring a solution can be found for almost any application.

Why do Thermal Label Printers require maintenance?

Both types of TLP require regular maintenance to ensure they are providing you with the best service. The most common reason for maintenance is over-use. TLPs are designed to be hard-working, but if they are run for long periods they will begin to exhibit wear and tear. Additionally, if TLPs are operated at an incorrect speed, the printer heads are liable to need replacement much sooner than usual.

The environment also plays a big impact on the quality of your printed output. Many warehouse and production environments leave residue on products. This residue lands inside the printer unit and is often the cause of a sandpaper effect to print heads. The life of the printhead can be drastically improved by regular maintenance and cleaning.

Regular maintenance also extends the lifespan of your TLP. By catching small issues before they can become bigger problems, you also save money by not paying for expensive repairs.

How can printDATA help?

At printDATA, we’re the printing experts. Whichever TLP you use, we have the maintenance expertise you need. We also recognise how important these technologies are to your business, and how damaging downtime can be. With all of our maintenance, we arrange it to best suit your time, so that your TLPs are not offline when you need them most.

When you need high quality Thermal Label Printer maintenance that you can trust, from a company that specialises in printer technology, contact printDATA on 08 9361 6777.

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