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Remote Diagnostic Technology

We live in an increasingly interconnected world. Advances in technology has meant that the lines between the real world and science fiction have become increasingly blurred.

Networked hardware, such as printer technology, can communicate with other hardware instantaneously, often without us being aware. This is most commonly integrated into a local network and allows the communication of variable data to specific devices.  When the device receives this data, it is able to process it and produce variable data print onto a product.  With the growth in the speed of external communications and the internet, many devices are able to broaden their communication sphere by communicating through external networks.  This is beneficial for customers who have multiple sites and require data to be available at various locations.  This is also known as the ‘Internet of Things’, hardware sharing and receiving data which can be used in new and inventive ways.

Expanding on this technology is the ability to use this network as a Remote Diagnostic Technology Solution. With it, printer hardware can share a steady stream of diagnostic information which is analysed by software. If the software detects something going wrong, it alerts the local operator for fault resolution.  Additionally, external technicians can be informed of the printer downtime and be on standby to assist with the rectification of the printer error.  The alerts can be configured to SMS or email the desired user depending on specific fault conditions.  This allows the correct support personnel who can remotely correct the problem, or attend the site in a service call.

Additionally, this Remote Diagnostic Technology allows remote monitoring of the printer status.  By monitoring this printer status, the software is smart enough to determine the requirement for parts replacement or adjustment.  The printer can then be taken offline during a production break to ensure the downtime of the production line is minimized.  This makes it much faster than waiting for the printer to break down and placing the call yourself!

How can it increase productivity?

There are several ways you can use Remote Diagnostic Technology to improve productivity:

Reducing physical touchpoints in your printing process

The fewer people physically involved with your printing process, the faster the process can proceed. This has the added benefit of reducing the likelihood of errors too.

Supply level monitoring and reorder

Remote Diagnostic Technology can also monitor the supply levels of your printing hardware and automatically order replacements supplies when the level drops to a certain point. By doing this, there won’t be any stoppage while you wait for replacement supplies to arrive. Your printer will ensure the supply chain stays linked to demand.

Automatically book maintenance

Your printer will track usage and, when measured against known maintenance schedules, this will inform the printer when maintenance is needed. Remote Diagnostic Technology means your printer can proactively alert technicians when it will be in need of maintenance, so you don’t need to suffer through downtime.

When your business is ready to embrace the productivity revolution that is Remote Diagnostic Technology, call the printing experts at printDATA on 08 9361 6777.

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