Little Creatures Brewing is a classic Fremantle success story. The brewery opened in late 2000 serving hop-drive American Pale Ales and has grown into a household name synonymous with a good night out and a great tasting beer.

Efficiency and sustainability are very important to Little Creatures Brewing. Producing over 500 barrels a week means their production line needs to keep up and they need machinery they can rely on. So, when the time came to review their equipment, Little Creatures Brewing turned to printDATA.

As with all our customers, the first step was to develop a good understanding of their requirements. At printDATA, we pride ourselves on selling the solution that is right for your business, not just the machine that costs the most. We looked at what kind of equipment they were using, what was feasible for them to upgrade to, and the best way we could make this happen.

Little Creatures Brewing needed a printing equipment to print the variable data on their beer kegs. This is used to track shipments, date of manufacture, and any other information required by law. This kind of production line equipment can be prohibitively expensive to purchase. Recognising this, we instead recommended a managed service rental agreement. This would see Little Creatures Brewing only paying a rental price for the machinery, and getting the added benefit of printDATA’s maintenance expertise.

The printing equipment selected also had the added benefit of washable ink. The ink adheres perfectly to nearly any surface, especially beer barrels and kegs, and can be completely and cleanly washed off using a simple caustic solution. This not only gives Little Creatures Brewing a high standard piece of equipment, but means their kegs can be more easily reused, helping them achieve a sustainability goal.

As part of the agreement, printDATA also remotely monitor the printing equipment. This allows us to detect anomalies in the printing process and repair them before they can become production level issues. This, coupled with our proactive approach to maintenance, means that Little Creatures Brewing will maintain their high standard of production. Something that’s sure to keep their fans happy too.

When you need a printing partner who puts your business first, contact printDATA. Call us today on 08 9361 6777 and start the conversation about how we can help you.

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