Laminex is a trusted name in Australia for decorative surfaces. They maintain a national network of dedicated centres in Australia. These centres provide the high quality products that Australians associate with the Laminex name.

Laminex and PrintDATA

The partnership between Laminex and PrintDATA started when PrintDATA took over support for the existing printing equipment. Some of this equipment was quite old, making it difficult to source replacement parts. When this equipment reached the end of its service life, Laminex decided an upgrade was needed and turned to PrintDATA for a solution.

Designing the solution

PrintDATA’s ethos is always to find a solution that best meets the client’s circumstances, not just to recommend the most expensive equipment. This solution was no different. The PrintDATA team looked at how the production line was set-up, considered the factors affecting maintenance, and made their recommendation.

In this case, the Domino G130i was the printer of choice to replace Laminex’s legacy equipment. This thermal inkjet printer would give them high-resolution printing, at a line speed of up to 600m a minute. They could also easily change the ink supply with options of fast dry ethanol ink or standard water-based ink cartridges.  It would, in short, be the ideal choice for product identification and traceability, which was what Laminex needed.

Beyond technical specifications, PrintDATA had also considered the difficulty and cost of maintenance for Laminex. This centre, based in Dardanup, is a two-hour drive from the PrintDATA workshop. If there a physical problem, requiring a technician, it can mean a long stoppage before they arrive. Therefore, the other benefit of the Domino G130i, is that it requires virtually no maintenance. This gives Laminex less downtime and saves them from call-outs.

Finally, PrintDATA were able to add an encoder to the printer, to monitor the line speed and auto increase or decrease printing speed as a result. This prevents the printer from printing codes too closely together and remedied an issue with the legacy equipment that Laminex had been using.

Implementing the solution

Laminex were very happy with the proposed solution and gave PrintDATA the green light to proceed. A PrintDATA technician was able to prepare the Domino G130i in the workshop, importing settings and message formats across from the legacy equipment, before heading to Laminex to install it.

As part of the service, full training was provided to ensure that Laminex staff were comfortable with the new equipment. Once installed, the technician ensured it was all working as intended.

Assessing the solution

Laminex have been very satisfied with the Domino G130i. In fact, they have been so impressed that they opted to upgrade other machines as well. An unintended, but welcome, side-benefit was that the printer can monitor ink levels. This was not an option with the previous equipment and means that Laminex can plan ink replacement ahead of running out, rather than having to manually check levels.

Laminex designs and provides high-quality products. They deserve a quality service that matches their own. PrintDATA worked with Laminex to choose the equipment that met their needs now, and would continue to do so in the future.

When you are ready for a high-quality service that recognises the importance of your business needs, contact PrintDATA on 08 9361 6777.

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