At the end of 2018, Printdata partnered with Humanscale to take part in HITWA, a conference showcasing the top technological innovations in healthcare. HITWA is the only dedicated event that deals specifically with the complexity of digital health challenges and opportunities in Western Australia

The HITWA 2018 conference theme was ‘Delivering collaborative and sustainable digital healthcare‘ and was all about working together – connecting consumers, carers and clinicians for the continuity of care and for delivering better health outcomes. Program topics included:

  • Sustainability of digital health solutions
  • Federal and state level updates in the industry
  • New and emerging technologies in AI, VR and block chain and how clinicians are benefiting
  • Understanding and planning digital health data management
  • Clinical informatics
  • Challenges of implementing telehealth solutions
  • Success stories of how telehealth is saving remote communities in WA

PrintDATA and Humanscale demonstrated the T7 and T3 healthcare carts and their various uses at Perth Convention and Exhibition centre to a varied group of medical professionals, including leaders of health organisations, health professionals and clinicians.


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