Ergonomics is the science of tailoring a workspace to a job and person. Specialised products and workspace setup are usually involved. So why would your company invest in this?

Designing for people

People are one of the most important assets in every company. The rapidly changing nature of office work, moving primarily to computers, means that more and more people spend their days hunched over a desk, performing repetitive tasks.

Over time, repetition can place strain on our bodies. The choice of ergonomic equipment, such as desks, chairs, and computer accessories, goes a long way to mitigating the strain. By implementing ergonomic policies, you can keep your employees safe and comfortable.

How does it work?

Ergonomics is about more than just a comfortable chair. It involves looking at the workspace as a whole, and identifying where improvements can be made. In some cases, this might just involve better lighting or a better desk. In other cases, a more thorough ergonomic assessment can be done and the workspace improved as a result.

One a workspace has been assessed, the necessary equipment can be installed and the staff trained in its use. For a job that requires lots of time sitting down, it might be that a height-adjustable, or sit-stand, desk is offered, giving staff the opportunity to complete some of their work standing up, rather than seated. Some industries, such as graphic design, can really benefit from these kinds of desks as they open up a different range of motion for the designer. Foot rests might be used to improve posture, and wrist padded computer accessories may be implemented to combat repetitive strain injury (RSI).

At PrintDATA, we stock Humanscale ergonomic products. This is because we believe Humanscale offers the highest quality ergonomic solutions, and that they have the same focus that we do, on providing the solution that works best, not just the most expensive.

Industry specific ergonomics

Ergonomics isn’t just chairs and comfortable mouse-pads in a traditional office setting. There are industry specific pieces of ergonomic equipment and design that can also be implemented.

An example of this is the Transport and Logistics industry. Warehouse staff can use specially designed trolleys, with adjustable screen arms, allowing them more range of motion around the warehouse to fill orders. Similarly, tablet trolleys can be implemented that weigh less than the more cumbersome computer stations. These allow staff the same level of access but have a smaller overall footprint and weight. Small changes that add up to big results.

Healthcare is another industry that really benefits from ergonomics. Medical trolleys use ergonomics to offset the weight and improve the ease of use. A recent implementation of a telehealth solution for The Western Australia Country Health Service (WACHS) is a prime example of this. PrintDATA recommended the Humanscale T7 trolley, customised to accommodate the cameras and other accessories, including optional drawers. The benefit of the ‘off-the-shelf’ trolley, with printDATA’s customisation, was a lower price than a custom built model and a much faster turnaround time if WACHS needed new, or replacement, trolleys.

How does ergonomics benefit my business?

The return on investment in ergonomics is happier and healthier staff. Your staff will develop better posture, strengthen muscles that would otherwise suffer from strain, and generally be healthier in the workspace.

Properly configured ergonomic equipment has been found to improve productivity, quality of work, employee engagement, and demonstrate the company’s dedication to fostering a safer working environment.

Investing in the comfort and safety of your staff will benefit your business. Find out how we can help you tailor the ergonomics of your workspace. Contact PrintDATA today on (08) 9361 6777 for information about ergonomic assessments and Humanscale ergonomic products.

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