Thermal Transfer Overprinting

Domino V-Series

Thermal transfer overprinting for flexible packaging

Our V-Series range of thermal transfer overprints (TTO) can print real-time and variable data, machine-readable codes and images onto flexible packaging films and labels. They are typically integrated into packaging and processing equipment such as labellers, tray sealers, flow wrappers, and baggers. Designed for crisp, clear coding, our V-Series delivers high resolutions at a fast speed. With a focus on reliability, Domino’s unique i-Tech dancing arms maintain ribbon tension and virtually eliminate downtime: you’ll also use up to 60% less ribbon. Our thermal transfer overprinting V-Series range will fit into almost all existing thermal transfer brackets, keeping installation costs to a minimum and reducing downtime.

The Domino V-series keeps the total cost of ownership low. With an innovative design, the weight of the machines has been reduced by 40%, minimising environmental impact and reducing the carbon footprint of your production line.

V-Series Thermal Transfer Overprinting Range Overview

V-Series Range


The budget friendly, advanced solution for small, high-quality products codes.

Domino’s cost-attractive, advanced solution for small, high-quality product coding is the ideal upgrade from traditional hot stamp and roller coders. If you need an adaptable printing solution for flexible packaging (such as pouches, wrappers, labels, sachets, stick packs, bags), the V120i is a globally proven product. Our thermal transfer overprinters (TTO) can provide superior print quality against ageing technology, along with improved profitability from lower running costs.

Features include:

  • 32mm max print width
  • 300dpi code print quality
  • 750mm/s max print speed


A thermal transfer overprinter that balances print size and print speed.

This single, versatile system takes digital thermal transfer coding to the next level. With two printhead width options available, it offers fast, high-resolution printing of codes, texts and images. Simple to operate and extremely reliable, it provides you with a lower Total Cost of Ownership. Our new i-Tech Ribbon Drive means you’ll use up to 60% less ribbon. It’s also easy to install and allows intuitive operation. In all, it’s the ideal solution if you’re looking for superb quality and ease of use in one dynamic package.

Features include:

  • 53mm max print width
  • 300dpi code print quality
  • 750mm/s max print speed
  • cassette ribbon loading for easy ribbon change


Unmatched speed, versatility and efficiency.

Offering the fastest printing speeds in the industry, the V320i is a machine designed for the increasing demands of modern factories. Fitted with the longest ribbon rolls in the industry, it can match and even exceed the speeds of the quickest horizontal and vertical packaging machines. With two printhead widths available, the V320i produces the largest, high-resolution codes. Designed to install easily, this high-speed machine is a popular solution where larger or faster variable data printing for packaging is required.

Features include:

  • 128mm max print width
  • 300dpi code print quality
  • 1400mm/s max print speed
  • cassette ribbon loading for easy ribbon change

UNIQUE DOMINO RIBBON: A wide range of ribbons offering greater print quality, lower downtime and regulatory compliance for peace of mind

SIMPLE INSTALLATION AND REPLACEMENT: Compact size so existing brackets can be used, no compressed air, compatible with other systems

NO DEDICATED CONTROLLER: Operate more than one printer with your controller or even use your PC

RELIABILITY YOU CAN TRUST: The i-Tech ‘Dancing Arms’ system virtually eliminates ribbon breaks

VERSATILE: Quick conversion between intermittent and continuous modes plus a wide range of mounting brackets to suit all packaging machines

EASY TO USE: Our QuickStep user interface simplifies operation and allows message creation without the need for a PC

Use less ribbon per print without affecting print quality.

Product Brochure – V120i |  Product Brochure – V230i  |  Product Brochure – V320i

User interface

Daily operation is easy using the QuickStep interface on the touch screen or via web browser on your HMI. QuickStep is a simplified user interface for effortless control and status reporting. Monitoring screens display live information about the printer. No complex menus or parameters, just enter the job and you are ready to print. The TouchPanel is simple and intuitive to use, increasing the speed and accuracy of job changes, eliminating and reducing coding errors as well as the need for dedicated staff and training.

Label creation and editing are simple using the QuickDesign PC-based software, included with the printer. QuickDesign enables central, factory-wide control for your production data – from product to pallet. Easy to use and integrate across a wide range of technologies, QuickDesign is easily scalable to ensure compliant coding throughout your production facility.

The Domino V-Series thermal transfer ribbon economy savings

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