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Domino M-Series

Flexible, reliable and robust print and apply labelling technology

Easily integrated into your production line, our range of Print and Apply labelling systems are reliable, flexible, robust and can be configured for a wide range of applications. Whether a label is to be applied on the front of individual products, on the top of a tray, over the corner of a bundle package, or the side of a pallet, the same fundamental requirements for traceability, legibility and clarity apply. The M-Series Print and Apply systems come with a wide range of standard or customised applicators to accommodate all your labelling needs. And together with a robust printer with 600m ribbon and label rolls, they will provide clear codes on perfectly placed labels wherever needed.

Across the entire M-series Print and Apply labelling range, we’ve incorporated features that make it easy and safe to operate, delivering reliable solutions which help to provide you with increased uptime and productivity.

Case Labelling

The M-Series units provide a cost-effective multi-purpose Print & Apply solution that suits many applications within product, carton & tray labelling meeting demands for both accuracy and speed. Providing you with a reliable, robust and easy to use design the M230i will give you continuously reliable labelling for many years to come – even in the harshest industrial environments.

The Domino M230i range includes models for all types of application needs. The large variety of models means we have a solution for you, whether your label needs to be positioned on the top, bottom, front, rear or even wrapped around a corner of the carton. The M230i-TB even features a blow application for non-contact labelling.

EASY TO OPERATE: Clear monitoring and control with optional TouchPanel colour user interface

SIMPLE NAVIGATION: Intuitive QuickStep software ensures easy operation

IMPROVED PERFORMANCE: 600m ribbon and label roll capacity and increased speed

LOWER TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP: Increased printhead life, lower material wastage, fast consumable printhead changes

COMPACT DESIGN: Easily integrates into existing production facilities

ACCURATE LABEL PLACEMENT: Unique pad design ensures accuracy and the ability to handle variable label sizes

Domino M-230i: Discover the options

Pallet Labelling

The M230i-P150 delivers a robust flexible and automated solution for the final step of your production process – printing and applying one or multiple labels on your pallet, with perfectly readable information to ensure it can be handled efficiently along the way to its final destination. With its innovative design, allowing one, two or three sides of the pallet to be labelled, you can rest assured that all safety features and operator-friendly aspects have been considered. The cabinet will give your pallet labeller maximum protection in an often harsh end-of-line environment and extend the product lifetime, giving you cost-effective pallet labelling equipment for many years to come.

Regardless if you want to apply a pallet label (warehousing), transport label or a store and customer label, all your logistic units will have one or more readable and perfectly applied GS1 label(s) containing an SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code), making sure you can track and trace your goods.

SOLID INDUSTRIAL DESIGN: Available in stainless steel or aluminium

DEPENDABLE RELIABILITY: Innovative design for long-term precision labelling

SAFETY YOU CAN TRUST: Cabinet mounted sensors prevent access to moving parts

EASE OF USE: Protected quick release connectors, simple label and ribbon paths and easy integration

FLEXIBILITY: Wide range of print formats and speed/quality settings

BUILT TO LAST: Tough, hardwearing and suitable for every environment

See how the M-series can be integrated at the end of your production line

Simple User Interface

For effortless control and status reporting, QuickStep is Domino’s unique, simplified operator interface that gets the printer into action quickly and simply. Quick access to favourite menus and settings via large user-friendly icons and customisable home screen.  No complex menus or parameters, just enter the job and away you go, with easy, prompted input of data into label templates.

QuickStep is simple and intuitive to use, increasing the speed and accuracy of job changes, eliminating and reducing coding errors as well as the need for dedicated staff and training.

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