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Domino’s Laser Scribing Systems

Modular, Compact and Powerful Laser Etching and MArking for Peranent Tracebility

Domino has been manufacturing laser coders for over 20 years and offers state-of-the-art laser coding systems. Laser technology gives you the fastest code times compared to other coding systems. It is environmentally friendly and highly cost-effective, so you can be confident of a good return on investment due to its low maintenance and no fluid consumables. Domino lasers stand apart from the competition with their robust yet compact design, modularity and flexibility of integration. They offer a wide range of variations while keeping the parts count low for good ongoing supportability.

D-Series CO2 Laser

Suitable for: organic, PET, glass, plastic, foil, covered metal, paper boards, paper, polypropylene

Small yet powerful and versatile, Domino’s D-Series i-Tech range of CO2 laser marking machines deliver flexible, high speed, high-quality coding across a wide variety of materials, with the ability to produce multiple lines of text. The D-series laser printers provide flexible installation through their modular design. Their IP65 ratings make them suitable even for some of the harshest environments. The CO2 laser marking machines can be controlled from alternative locations – for example, using our familiar production line interface or from any industrial PC.

The ideal solution when you need optimum print code quality from a compact machine, Domino Printing’s i-Tech CO2 laser printers integrate effectively into your existing production line, even when you have limited space. Needing no inks or solvents, they minimise waste, and automatic temperature control cooling means the printer saves energy wherever possible, potentially providing a carbon footprint reduction.

HIGH PERFORMANCE: Unlimited lines of text in any orientation, in many fonts and sizes

FASTER WITHOUT COMPROMISE: The i-Tech scan head is the fastest of its kind

PEACE OF MIND: Robust, reliable controller stores message data without the need for a hard drive

LASER POWER: up to 60W of power

RAPID PRINTING: Delivers text at up to 2000 characters per second

Product Brochure – D-Series Laser

F-Series Fibre Laser

Suitable for: metal, light/dark plastics, flexible film

For permanent, precise laser marking of crisp, clear codes onto a wide range of materials, one of Domino Printing’s potential solutions is the F-Series fibre laser system. Boasting a laser beam spot size that is typically ten times finer and sharper than other laser marking and coding products, our F-Series fibre laser printers allow you to mark your products with utmost precision and quality. Tailor the beam strength to suit your materials, up to powerful high pulse power peaks of more than 12kW, suitable for engraving metals. With the F-Series, you can achieve better contrast on plastic materials and deploy a much softer coding process on material susceptible to fractures.

The F-Series fibre laser printer can produce unlimited lines of text in any orientation and in many fonts and sizes. Equally suitable for both graphics and 2D Data Matrix codes. With the aim of maintaining production uptime, 100,000 hours of laser life, easy installation, and compact footprint, the F220i, F520i and F720i are flexible and adaptable fibre laser machines – equally suited for static and intermittent coding, as well as marking on-the-fly applications from low to high production line speeds.

PRECISION: Delivers high coding accuracy even on the concave surfaces of a can

VERY FINE SPOT: The utmost precision and ideal for static and mark-on-the-fly application

FLEXIBLE FUNCTIONALITY: Crisp, sharp codes on metals, plastics and flexible packaging

LONG LIFE: An expected laser life of approximately 100,000 hours

LOW MAINTENANCE: Lasting performance and high uptime as a result of no planned maintenance

CONNECTIVITY: Optional EtherNet/IP connectivity pack available

Product Brochure – F-Series Beverage Can Coding System

Flexibility built-in: Laser scribing at different stages of the beverage production line

Simple User Interface

For effortless control and status reporting, QuickStep is Domino’s unique, simplified operator interface that gets the laser into action quickly and simply. Quick access to favourite menus and settings via large user-friendly icons and customisable home screen.  No complex menus or parameters, just enter the job and away you go, with easy, prompted input of data into label templates.

QuickStep is simple and intuitive to use, increasing the speed and accuracy of job changes, eliminating and reducing coding errors as well as the need for dedicated staff and training.

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