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Large Character Inkjet Printers For Outer Case Coding

Reliable, robust, and sturdy solutions for large character printing (in challenging manufacturing environments). Designed to deliver high productivity and consistent quality. Capable of printing onto a wide range of substrates and boasting a large ink capacity for minimum operator intervention and maximum uptime, Domino’s C-series printers are the ideal solution for large character inkjet printing.

A range of inks can be supplied to suit a wide range of porous and non-porous media, such as metal, concrete, plastics, timber, and board. All large character printers include an alphanumeric keypad and LCD screen.

Cx350i High Resolution

High-resolution, large character coding at higher speeds for consistent high-quality results
High-resolution inkjet printer for secondary packaging

Meet the Cx350i. The high resolution, large character printer designed to support your business goals relating to productivity, environment and running costs.

Domino’s drop on demand (DOD) piezo inkjet printer features a high-resolution stainless steel printhead that delivers consistent high-contrast barcodes, brand logos, traceability and product batch information onto secondary packaging boxes and cases. The Cx350i is a great alternative to label printing for cardboard, corrugate, paper box and carton applications.

The Cx350i is designed to minimise and simplify operator interaction with an intuitive user interface that makes adjusting settings and modifying layouts quick and easy. The printer has a large-volume ink supply and improved print accuracy, which means less intervention. To optimise running costs the ink is delivered in smaller, higher-contrast ink drops. The print resolution is optimised to ensure the best possible code quality at the lowest ink usage for large character printing.

The Cx350i in a nutshell:

BIG ON PRINT QUALITY: 300dpi horizontal resolution,65mm print height for Grade-A 1D and 2D barcodes, graphics and branding

COST-EFFECTIVE: less stock and waste from pre-printed boxes and labels; adjustable print resolution for best code quality at lowest ink consumption

INDUSTRY 4.0: Extensive connectivity including Ethernet/IP™, integration to MES and ERP systems & Domino Cloud

SIMPLE OPERATION: Minimum interaction, no scheduled maintenance, easy QuickStep touchscreen interface, large-volume ink supply increases uptime, no line stops for ink replenishment

ENVIRONMENT: No factory air, no labels, reduced pre-printed box inventory, only small drops of vegetable-based ink

Product Brochure – Cx350i

C-Series Low Resolution

Simple and reliable box and outer case coding and printing to fit with your production line, using drop on demand valve jet technology


Prints large characters of 10/17 mm

Simple but effective, the C7 helps you to improve your inventory management by printing large alphanumeric characters onto cases, trays, and sacks. With character heights of 10/17mm, this is a cost-effective print solution that helps deliver increased uptime, flexible integration, and reliable operation while meeting the requirements of the supply chain. It’s easy to install, use, and maintain.

  • 10/17 print height
  • Alpha numeric keypad + LCD
  • For porous substrates only
  • No factory air required


Prints large characters of 10/14/20/32 mm

Helping to improve your stock management by printing onto cases, trays, and sacks, the C16 prints character heights of 10/14/20/32mm. An established print solution, this print solution will help deliver flexibility and reliable operation while meeting logistical requirements.

  • 10/14/20/32mm print height
  • Alpha numeric keypad + LCD
  • For porous substrates only
  • No factory air required


Flexible, reliable and robust

The Macrojet delivers robust and reliable large character coding. Its compact design with an integral print head allows it to be mounted on a wide variety of carton taping machines and production lines. The ideal choice if you need reliable coding on a wide range of porous and non-porous substrates, such as PVC, outer cases and trays, wood, metal, sacking and extrusion.

  • Single or twin line codes on a variety of substrates up to a height of 50mm
  • Porous or non-porous substrates
  • Range of colors, security and pigmented inks
  • Prints in any orientation

MAXIMUM UPTIME: Proven valve jet technology that you can always rely on

CLEAN AND SIMPLE DESIGN: Integrated print bracket and photocell, and fully sealed ink containers

USER-FRIENDLY: Integrated user interface with the simple keyboard layout and LCD display

PROGRAMMABLE OPERATION: Time and date codes, shift codes and sell-by dates are all programmable

EASY TO RUN: Self-sealing connector makes ink replacement quick and clean

RANGE OF INKS: Our portfolio of water and ethanol-based inks can match your diverse substrate printing requirements

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